Monday, July 22, 2013

An Evening with Russell

Met up with my friend Russell for an evening on the river. We fished the Deerfield section of the river. A long walk through hay and weed fields brings us to some nicely secluded water. The bite was slow until I lucked into this nice 15 inch smallie.
About a half hour later I hooked a really big smallie. I got a good look at her and think she was close to the 20 inch mark, but suddenly my line went slack. I feared that she had broke free but when I reeled in I saw that the hook was still tied to the end of my line, and I felt a little better knowing that I didn't leave a hook in her.

Russell caught a good number of fish, but none of any size. He still seemed to have a good time.
As darkness closed in we left the river, knowing that there is at least one lunker waiting for us when we venture back to this beautiful piece of water.

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