Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Walk Through the Doll's Head

Emma and I went for a walk through the Doll's Head cover yesterday. The crown of this maple showed me fall was coming.There's always a good crop of hawthorn here and this year is no exception.

Some of the crabapple trees were loaded too.

Emma taking a short break in her questing.

The Doll's Head is now cut in half. Owned by a coal company,

I'm always wondering how many years this cover has left. This new road runs down to the powerline that parallels the cover on the backside. The thin strip of cover across the road is now a deep pit. If there's coal under the Doll's Head it's fate is sealed and it will be a sad day for me.

The resident woodcock were no where to be found. I had two grouse flushes, one I only heard and one that I saw. The sound of the flush on the bird I saw brought Emma in and she flash pointed the scent of the departed bird.

Being a damp place, I always see some mushrooms that need photographed.

So ended our first preseason run. Emma hunted nicely staying within hearing range of my old ears most of the time. Hopefully I'll be able to find her some woodcock before the season starts to get her some much needed bird contacts.


ruff hunter said...

Glad to see you got out and into some scouting action. That maple is gonna be almost as pretty as Emma. Two grouse flushed..great...when is the book coming...Andrew

Greyphase said...


I'm afraid any book would be a quick read :).


Gary Thompson said...

Yes... Grey's Excellent Bird Journey!