Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Monday morning I slipped out to a little stretch of creek that I've never taken anyone else to. It doesn't hold alot of fish but it's isolated and beautiful, two things that I seek when I'm fishing or hunting.

Just like a movie script, on the first cast I caught this beautiful 13 inch Smallie.

Soon after releasing this fish I happened to glance behind me.

They couldn't figure out what I was, but they knew I shouldn't be there so they quietly slipped away.

Here are some random pics of the creek showing you why I love this stretch so much. I fished for 3 hours and never hear any noise from the civilized world.

I caught this feisty 12 incher on the far side of the little island in the background.

As always I keep my eye open for what ever wildlife presents itself. This time a raccoon appeared feeding probably on crayfish.

A few minutes later I realized she wasn't alone.

This area is a haven for turtles. Here's one I saw cooling off along the creek.

This one was really getting ready for the heat wave.

On the long walk back to the truck I spotted this woods turtle feeding on grass. By the mud on his shell he too had been cooling off in the creek.

So ended my trip to my isolated little spot. With limited time and so many places to fish, I only fish here once a year, but I'll be looking forward to my trip next year.


Gary Thompson said...

Man, that look like an awesome secret spot. Such places are becoming a rarity these days. Nice pictures!

Greyphase said...

Thanks Gary. Your right every year these special places become fewer and fewer. So the search of new special spots goes on.