Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Afternoon on the River

Got away for a couple of hours for some smallmouth fishing. After making my way down a steep ridge along a faint trail this stretch of river was all mine.

Caught some Rock Bass and Smallies including a fat 13 incher, but neglected to take any pics. When I pulled in this feisty sunfish I snapped a quick pic.

The sycamores bear the wounds of past ice flows as they cling precariously to the river bank.

Some finally give in to gravity.

A cluster of yellow butterflies that caught my attention.

As I approached a small island I remembered nearly stepping on a fawn hidden in the sycamore saplings several years ago. The saplings are taller now but as I waded nearer a brown spot looked out of place.

I focused the little point and shoot camera on the spot and cranked up the zoom lens and this appeared.

As I inched my way closer the fawn stood up and came out of the saplings, unsure of just what this strange thing wading up the river was.

As is often the case I soon spotted another fawn hidden in the cover. This one had learned its lessons well and remained motionless.
After a couple of pics I decided to reversed my path and let the fawns settle back into their hiding place to wait for mothers return. So ended an enjoyable afternoon on the river with some fish caught and some pics of my encounters to share with you.


Gary Thompson said...

Oh Boy! That looks like terrific smallmouth country. I'm in a real bass funk currently. Thanks for sharing.

Dual Setters said...

Looks like you had a good day on the river. I sure could use a little fishing myself. I love seeing this years fawns, they are always a sign of hope to me along with young grouse coveys.