Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hattie's afternoon

Left work early on Thursday to give Hattie one last chance to find a grouse this hunting season. We went to my Thomas trail cover where last year she gave me a nice point that resulted in a shot bird. The snow lay on portions of the trail as we started in.
Along the side of this ridge I hear Hattie's beeper collar go on point. The deer trail I was following went above her and I stayed on it as the path of least resistance. As she came into view I saw that she was pointing down the slope and as I began to work my way down the grouse lifted below her and was gone without a shot.

Later we worked an area of heavy barberry cover with no success.

So ended Hattie's 2009-10 hunting season. She had done her part but as so often happens luck was not on my side today and the grouse lived to perhaps give me sport next year.


Dual Setters said...

Been much the same for my late season hunting Rick. Other than one good hunt, mostly one bird days. I too hope these birds have a great nesting season.
How long to the Woodcock start flying?

Greyphase said...

Not soon enough :).